Stepping Stones – Strategic approaches to evangelism

Our concern over 25 years of exploring church planting is how do you have a strategic understanding, that brings together all the principles into one integrated framework. We have developed this in our “Octagon” teaching which we have written up in our book “Evangelism strategies” (available from our website shop).

This framework includes our development of Laurence Singlehurst’s principles of “Sowing, Reaping and Keeping”. This envisages supporting folk on their faith journey by lovingly providing “stepping stones” or “pools from them to move through at their particular pace.

Tony Hardy, Missioner in the Manchester Diocese who planted the fresh expressions C4 in Stockport, has a very similar application of “Stepping Stones”, which has the same underlying understanding of everyone on a faith journey and evangelism is anything that helps them take steps towards and into following Jesus. We give here his paper on this version of lovingly supporting folk on their exploration of faith.

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