Crucible is a training programme for Christians with courage and imagination, who suspect:

  •  We live in a mission context and need to think like missionaries.
  • We need to think creatively about church in diverse and changing cultures.
  • We serve the God who constantly does new things on the margins.
  • On the margins of society among the poor and disenfranchised- at the margins of culture, where creative thinking explores new possibilities
  • Within the margins of the familiar, those spaces all around us neglected or ignored but full of potential


What is Crucible

  • A melting pot, where old structures are made pliable and reshaped for more
    effective purposes.
  • A place in which different cultures or styles can mix together to produce something new and exciting.
  • A time characterised by the convergence of powerful intellectual, social, economic or political forces.

Does Crucible help plant churches?

  • Yes. It is specifically a training resource to engage in deprived urban communities but the specific expectation that this will usually involve planting a new church.
  • It is part of the wider ministry of Urban Expressions which is an initiative of the Baptist Church with the specific aim of urban church planting.


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