Mission Cells – small groups on the move for planting!

Here is an extract from the European Church Planting Network’s (ECPN) concept Paper 1. It tells of Zolder50 church made up of missionary small groups and one of their activities that keeps them in mission motivated mode… heading off together for a weekend of prayer, listening and “loitering with intent” in other villages, towns and cities. How about adding some of this vision where you are?

“Just over a year ago Zolder50’s home groups each committed to go to another city in Holland, in an exercise they called ‘spying the land’. Most home groups spent a weekend in the city carrying out surveys to discover what people thought about God and each other, but they were also tasked with getting to know the city to see if they could possibly plant a church there in the future.

Back in Amsterdam, the church recently split into two ‘Neighbourhood churches’ with four home groups (75 people) in each. They have some connections and ties, and meet in the same building although at different times. Zolder50’s optimum size for a neighbourhood church is between 50 and 150 people, so in theory, as these two churches grow they will split again. In that way they have the potential to become a network of neighbourhood churches across the city, who are loosely organised as a City church that meets once every two or three months for worship and envisioning.”

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