A storehouse to equip Missionary Master Craft-Persons: Core Principles

For the past five decades our calling has taken us to different places and contexts, but central throughout has been a vocation as missionaries to a post-Christendom mission field.

The Holy Spirit has been pushing us and enlightening us, with the sharp focus of discovering more insights to further the missionary endeavour. Stimulating this quest has been the difficulty of the challenge of mission in a context of secularisation and church decline. Enriching the discoveries has been the diversity across the nations of Europe in both the Church (mission force) and the context (mission field).

We have worked with, encountered and read insights of many wise leaders from whom we have learnt most of the insights that we share. We are not principally original thinkers with gifts of creative, innovative ideas; rather we have been orientated to garner, sift and identify the thoughts and ideas of others. Wherever we can remember we reference and honour those sources.

Our aim throughout has been a drive to know what would equip a cadre of “Missionary Master-Crafts Persons”.

“Every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a master of a house, who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old” (Matt 13:52, ESV)

Our vision is of Missionary Master-Crafts persons with a workshops full of core missional principles, treasured up, ordered and identified so each can be accessed and applied to precisely the appropriate missionary task and challenge. We see this storehouse as the equivalent of a Master carpenters drawings, memos and diagrams. Of different joints, different designs for furniture legs, a range of techniques for gluing, plaining and polishing all and ready to use.

This growing collection of papers represent the accumulated core principles which seem to us most foundational to our mission challenges. We offer them in the hope they equip you to become a Missionary Master-Crafts person.

Changing all our instincts – Stop starting with Church!

Four approaches to enhance growth mission and multiplication

Jesus’ 4 streams of Kingdom Communication

Three ‘parties’ to mission understanding

Three Processes of Learning – Prof Ted Ward (1)

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