Three Processes of Learning

The principles explained here are my summary of presentations given by Professor Ted Ward at the week-long launch of YWAM’s University of the Nations in Lausanne in 1990. These insights have proved to be among the most transformative in our lives and ministries over the subsequent decades. However, in our experience they do not seem to be widely understood.

In the introduction to his presentation, Prof. Ted Ward explained that in the field of academic understanding of Educational theory, up until somewhere in the 1950’s, there were generally two broad processes or contexts of learning that were commonly identified, described and contrasted. Only around that time was the third process of learning recognised and analysed in its functioning with relation to the other two. In this introduction he stressed that all three processes are equally valuable and important – they just work differently and have contrasting characteristics and outcomes. Further, Jesus clearly used all three in his ministry as recorded in the Gospels.

He also emphasised that he considered the recognition and understanding of this third, most recently classified learning process, was of particular importance to all those involved in the mission and ministry of the church in our diverse and changing times.

Read the full article here…Three Processes of Learning – Prof Ted Ward (1)

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