ACPI exists to “Serve tomorrow’s churches today” by encouraging and assisting the planting of healthy, missionary-minded churches. This includes all sorts of emerging church, alternative worship communities and fresh expressions of church.

We are a small charity, but with a committed central team which has links to a national network of churches and pioneers called to church planting, fresh expressions of church and multiplying communities of mission.

We work:

  1. Primarily within the Anglican church but also with the wider church.
  2. To serve the vision of creating new communities of faith as part of the mission of God to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom in every geographic and cultural context.
  3. To encourage and support missional leadership and all sorts of effective missional models of church
  4. To promote the necessary institutional developments to facilitate this.

Our services:

  1. Provide advice, coaching and consultancy to Anglicans and other denominations and streams on planting churches, fresh expressions, mission projects, church growth and leadership – this may be by email, over the phone, by conference/skype or through a whole range of visits to us or to you.
  2. Supply resources on Church Planting, Clusters and mid-sized communities, Cell Church, Coaching, Leadership & effective mission and evangelism. This includes workbooks, books, booklets, dvds, downloads and other literature.
  3. Arrange various conferences and training courses on Church Planting, missional leadership and models of missional community.
  4. Have a training course for Coaching Missional Leaders, exploring mid-sized communities and work with Fresh Expressions  to develop and deliver the mission shaped ministry  course.
  5. Have contact with a wide range of church plants and mission models from which we may be able to refer you to projects like yours that are near. And we have helped establish Local Pioneer Centres that are available to help in this way.
  6. We also have substantial work with churches, denominations and networks in other European countries. 

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The 2004 report Mission-shaped Church is the official Anglican review of church planting giving both theological and practical foundations.  The Church Army Research Centre has very substantial research on this field. Together with wider literature, these provide the basis for much of our team’s work.