ReSource Weekends

Resource is an immersive mission experience over four weekends in a range of locations and contexts…

Participants will learn by meeting people who are doing mission, by hanging out with their communities, hearing their stories and then thinking about what they can learn for their own contexts. Throw in some diverse contexts, some great food and inspiring other people on the weekends.  There is a great mix!

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Crucible is a training programme for Christians with courage and imagination, who suspect:

  •  We live in a mission context and need to think like missionaries.
  • We need to think creatively about church in diverse and changing cultures.
  • We serve the God who constantly does new things on the margins.
  • On the margins of society among the poor and disenfranchised- at the margins of culture, where creative thinking explores new possibilities
  • Within the margins of the familiar, those spaces all around us neglected or ignored but full of potential

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cafechurch Network

What is cafechurch?

It is a web based network community of pioneers planting cafe churches with all sorts of helpful resources and connections to permissions from Costa Coffee, the following is an extract from their website.

cafechurch is coffee with a conscience. It’s the fresh expression of community in high street coffee stores (primarily Costa Coffee stores) dealing with issues from a faith perspective.

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The Message Trust and The Eden Project

The Message has a worldwide movement with a passion to share Jesus Christ with the hardest to reach young people. The journey began in 1988 when Andy Hawthorne and his brother Simon launched Message ’88 in order to find relevant ways of sharing the gospel the young people in the most deprived estates of Manchester.

Over the years the work has grown and grown reaching out to many different communities, schools and prisons where all sorts of new expressions of mission and church have been planted.

To learn more about the work of The Message click here

Teams are formed that go and live incarnationally in places with the lowest church attendance. Click here to find out more about Eden teams.


Issues of Maturity

I remember our first child being born. She was healthy, but a bit large. My wife Helen burst blood vessels in her face pushing Hannah out into the world. Taking both of them home some days later I remember thinking “what are we supposed to do now?” At each stage of life things seem to be more complicated: birth, raising a toddler, handling adolescence. Each stage requires more wisdom, more experience and the previous chapters don’t equip you very much for the next one, yet there is no escape from the process. Much the same is true in seeing young churches develop from birth into healthy adulthood.

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What do we most need for a new millenium?

At the 1999 National Anglican Church Planting Conference, Graham Cray challenged the church planting movement to prioritise outreach towards the totally non-churched. Looking at emerging cultural trends, he suggested what he believes we need most for effective mission in the new millennium. (Read on for an abridged version of Graham’s plenary address)

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Fresh Expressions of Diocese!?

It is most heartening that a whole new atmosphere of encouragement and permission is beginning to spread across the Church of England following the Mission-shaped Church report. Clearly the vision of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams for a Mixed Economy church helped enormously. However, with God encouraging us with so much creativity in the field of fresh expressions cropping up all over the place at the grassroots… could God have in mind for a similar more radical transformation of the diocesan structures? In this article Bob Hopkins discusses some of the possibilities. Continue reading “Fresh Expressions of Diocese!?”

Is planning “Old Hat” for church planting and Fresh Expressions of church?

The Mission-shaped Church report suggested that missionary lessons of today are moving us away from detailed advanced planning and focusing more on discernment in context (page 24). In referring to this at the Mission21 conference in Sheffield in March 2006, the chair of that report, Bishop Graham Cray suggested that we needed to look for a partnership between planting pioneers and spiritual directors. We view this as a most exciting possibility. Continue reading “Is planning “Old Hat” for church planting and Fresh Expressions of church?”