Strategic Understanding of Evangelism liberates us all into effective witness

Church Planting is the proving context for what works in evangelism!

Having been called to church planting a long time ago, Bob & Mary quickly found that it was the acid test of evangelism effectiveness. As a pioneering church planting team you either crack the issues of what makes for effective evangelism in your context … or you stay rather on your own. And your failure to breakthrough and add new people to your team is ever before you as a constant challenge in a way that doesn’t happen in ongoing church life with the distraction of all its internal programs. Continue reading “Strategic Understanding of Evangelism liberates us all into effective witness”

Global Volunteer Services – German Intern Scheme

Global Volunteer Services LLC (non-profit)

If you are interested to give committed young volunteers from Germany an opportunity to become part of your work, country and culture, then let’s work together.

GVS has a lot of experience in sending out volunteers. Since 2002 some 2000 volunteers had the chance to do one year short term mission with about 300 organisations in more than 50 countries. Some of these interns give a year to help serve the work of a fresh expression and prove to be an excellent help.

Click on this here  for more information to see if your fresh expression could benefit from the help of a GVS intern.