‘Network Churches’ – What do you mean?

George Lings, director of the Sheffield Centre and previously an ACPI trustee reflects on the strategic importance of an emerging breed of “Network Churches”.

Are they churches on the Internet? Churches for fishing communities? Just a new name for eclectic churches ? Sorry it’s none of those. By Network church I mean “a Church of England church which has been deliberately set up, and officially authorised, to work only with networks of people. Unlike a parish it has no exclusive area to call its own.” Continue reading “‘Network Churches’ – What do you mean?”

Network church – Planting into social networks

In 2004, the Mission-shaped Church report emphasised the importance of engaging with the increasingly dominant network society today, analysing the forces shaping this society and presenting some principles for engagement, as well as presenting some examples of fresh expressions arising amongst such networks. In this article Bob Hopkins looks at some of these principles and how they have been expressed across the church planting and fresh expressions movement. Continue reading “Network church – Planting into social networks”

Multiple Congregation Planting

From early in the recent UK church planting story, in the 80’s and 90’s multiplying discreet congregations within the existing church building was common. Many examples of this proliferated but need to be distinguished from a related strategy for growth which would be called ‘duplicate services’, as this name implies a single congregation just grows by offering identical services at different times on a Sunday. Continue reading “Multiple Congregation Planting”