ChooseLife – a fresh approach to student mission

“When a student comes to University and finds a church, they’ll automatically want to join a small group and find a place of belonging.” That statement may be true for many students, but what about those who at home would go to church, but haven’t experienced small groups before so don’t know why they should join one? Or those who wouldn’t feel comfortable going to someone’s house and start sharing openly in a small group? Or those who want to explore Christianity but would be fazed by a large church gathering or a small group in someone’s house? Continue reading “ChooseLife – a fresh approach to student mission”

Rossendale Youth Movements

Background to Rossendale
Rossendale Valley roughly corresponds to a Methodist circuit and an Anglican deanery at the northern end of the Manchester Diocese. Most church and chapel attendances are falling as elsewhere, but an exciting youth fresh expression exists across the denominations and across the valley. It’s called “Vision” and at the core is the “Life Team”. This includes four young adults who moved into a redundant vicarage provided rent-free by the diocese. With others, they mounted the recent two-week impact mission into all the valley schools. They plan to continue this work with assemblies, classes and after-school clubs. There are three youth bands, and an open-air event in the summer drew nearly 1500! Continue reading “Rossendale Youth Movements”

Spotlight on Monmouth Diocese

It is said that for Wales to reach the DAWN Europe target of having one church for every thousand people would mean the closure of about twenty per cent of our buildings.
So why are we interested in church planting in such a context? Clearly the answer is that we have inherited these buildings in the wrong places. There is massive growth in housing along the M4 corridor, and there are numerous estates throughout the diocese that have very poor access to any living Christian community. The developments at Pontprennau in east Cardiff and the Narth near Monmouth are plants to address this very issue. The first is being established with reference to the wider LEP benefice and is led by a cleric. The second is entirely lay lead, although with the active support of the local churches.

Continue reading “Spotlight on Monmouth Diocese”

Stepping Stones – Strategic approaches to evangelism

Our concern over 25 years of exploring church planting is how do you have a strategic understanding, that brings together all the principles into one integrated framework. We have developed this in our “Octagon” teaching which we have written up in our book “Evangelism strategies” (available from our website shop). Continue reading “Stepping Stones – Strategic approaches to evangelism”

Molly’s Church

Many of the stories told of fresh expressions of church today are among the youth or young adults of the emerging generations. That is where the culture has been changing fastest and quite rightly many of our most radical church plants have arisen in response to this challenge. However, the principles of good mission engagement can also be found in the mission field of the retired and elderly. This is particularly significant since the elderly are the fastest growing section of the British population. Molly is over retirement age and when we first met her and heard her story she wasn’t aware that she had planted a church at all! But this is quite typical of many who have launched out in mission adventures and have been surprised when the question arises as to whether what God has done could appropriately be called church. Continue reading “Molly’s Church”