Four approaches to enhance Growth, Mission and Multiplication

Church leaders are offered a range of approaches or strategies with the promise of enhancing growth and/or increasing missional penetration of their context(s). Often one such will be promoted as “the way forward” or preferred option. Since our overall aim is to help leaders become “missional master-craft persons” you will understand that we seek to provide a comparative analysis that helps assess what may suit where and when. Here we also identify where there are greater challenges and danger.

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Changing all our Instincts – Stop Starting with Church!

The trouble with us humans is that what we pick up and learn subconsciously through socialisation often affects us more than our formal learning, and certainly far more than we realise.

This is definitely true of our understanding of church and mission. Although we have become increasingly aware of the priority and call to mission, so much of the lives and experiences of church leaders revolves around church that we are often blind to its conforming power. And this blindness crucially disables us for that very task of mission.

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Mistaken Identity – ‘Inner Security’ of Leaders

Inner Security of the Overall Leader.

Without this fundamental quality, both teams and church default to the unredeemed human tendency to CONTROL rather than RELEASE. Control does not deliver a missional movement of the sort initiated by Jesus. In our experience of working with many church leaders and in leadership teams, so often our leadership is hampered by an unhelpful level of inner insecurity.

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Alternative approach: Aware that some fine word pictures more helpful than diagrams, I add here the text of the same basic message given in St John’s Church in Hamburg in February 2020. On that occasion I was put in a pulpit with no flipchart of powerpoint, so had to use just Jesus’ word pictures. The principles here are so important and foundational to everything else that I want to repeat myself but in a different style: Mistaken identity – ‘Inner Security’ of leaders: with WORD PICTURES



Three ‘Parties’ to Mission Understanding

The Big Picture – the three ‘parties’

All mission engagement requires attention to three foundational factors that should shape mission responses. These three components are essential to be understood for existing churches but even more important in pioneering mission and planting fresh expressions of church.

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